Concrete Commercial Services Charlotte

We are one of the few concrete companies in Charlotte who can serve both residential and commercial structures. We have the knowledge and experience to do these jobs successfully. Not only that, we also have sufficient tools and manpower to deliver the needs of our clients. Moving forward, we look forward to serving more types of properties, while catering to the needs of our clients.

Since 2003, we have been making concrete structures. With almost two decades of experience, we are confident that we can satisfy all your needs. But more importantly, we can assure you that our projects would have the best quality that you expect.

We provide the basic commercial concrete services that you may need such as curbs, gully pits, topping slabs, foot paths, v-drains, industrial floors, bicycle paths, picnic areas, entrances, drainage, bridge walks, shop floors, heavy access driveways, and pathways. These are the most common commercial services that property owners would inquire about.

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concrete company charlotte

But of course, with the long experience that we’ve had serving Charlotte as a concrete contractor, we’ve had a wide experience in constructing different types of commercial buildings such as retail space, restaurant, government facility, office complex, apartment building, parking structure, sports facility, healthcare facility, educational institution, and municipality. If you are seeking for large-scale concrete commercial services, we can cater to them as well.

Our services for commercial concrete do not stop there. We also provide the following services: slab on grade, tilt up walls, concrete paving, metal decks, and cast in place walls. Slab on grade is one of our most requested products under this category. It is one of the most common and most in-demand concrete foundation types. Meanwhile, the tilt up walls have been increasingly becoming a popular choice.

concrete company charlotte

On top of these commercial services are the industrial concrete services that we offer as well. This type of service is typically intended for heavy duty use for multiple purposes like manufacturing and other types of operations. Some of examples of this type of service are concrete flumes, retention reservoir, heavy foundations, industrial warehouses, piping encasements, cast head walls, and other plant facilities. Just like commercial concrete services, not every concrete company in Charlotte can offer this type of service. It requires a significant number of manpower as well as the right tools to complete this type of projects. Moreover, these are very specialized aspects that only professionals who had taken special courses will have the right knowledge.

Concrete has always been the top choice for construction. It’s superb strength and durability are definitely its best asset. Surely, concrete can deliver the quality that you expect from it.

If you are looking into getting commercial concrete services, do count us in. We are an established company in this field, and we can guarantee your ultimate satisfaction. Rest assured that you will be making the right choice in choosing us. We have a wide variety of services that we can offer. If interested, you can call us at 704-736-3059 for more information.